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Blood - The Flash Game

2008-08-11 18:11:36 by Squall85

Everyone's help is welcome!

Please read the forum entry and visit my blog there.
forum entry

If you played and like my previous Flesh Game and/or like the Monolith's Blood, please support my game with your ideas!

Thank you!

Parker Lewis

2008-04-15 17:51:59 by Squall85

If anyone feels to help me with a Parker Lewis game, please read the following topic then tell me if you want to help. Ideas, comments, sounds and music are welcome. 2100

Thank you!

Shooting platform game

2007-09-03 03:58:07 by Squall85

Hi all!

When I'm done with my current project (a Quake remake) I'll make a platform shooter game. Should it be about
-Blood (1-2)
-Shogo M.A.D.
-Duke Nukem
-Shadow Warrior
Vote or something. Thank you!